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How Wrought Iron Can Change the Value of Your Property

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Homes appreciate in value over time, but your primary responsibility as a homeowner is to maintain your house and increase its market value. The same is true for owners of commercial properties.

Most of us are aware that home improvement projects and renovations, such as replacing countertops, updating your bathroom, knocking down walls, or upgrading your flooring can improve the value of your property.

But have you ever considered remodeling with wrought iron? Wrought iron presents many opportunities to elevate the value of your property. Iron’s elemental qualities provide the double function of structural strength as well as artistic beauty if you choose decorative iron designs.

You can install wrought iron fixtures to improve your property’s value, such as:

Each of these fixtures can enhance the security, appearance, and overall value of your residential or business property. The classic design of wrought iron gates, balconies, and railings make them irresistible, increasing your chance of selling your property faster.

In the Greater Chicago area, the wrought iron experts to call are MJ Ironworks. Call us today at (773) 447-5612 about your residential or commercial wrought iron needs.

How Wrought Iron Increases the Value of Your Home or Business

Here, we discuss three ways you can use wrought iron to help to improve the worth of your house of business establishment. Wrought iron can help elevate the aesthetic appearance, provide structural strength, and improve your home’s or business’s security.

Adding Beauty and Aesthetic Value to Your Building

Wrought iron fixtures, especially when they embody design elements, can improve the perceived value of your property, which will make potential buyers desire it more because of its look, its beauty, and its perceived strength and stability. For example, you can install a wrought iron gate or fence to make your property look luxurious and more valuable in the eyes of potential buyers.

Decorative and ornamental ironwork, both indoors and out, can convey diverse stylistic aesthetics—from ornate Classical and Baroque styles of balconies evoking European chateaus and cathedrals to the fabulous early 20thcentury Art Nouveau ironwork and its flowing, organic design inspirations.

Stunning contemporary wrought iron art can be custom-made by iron artists or produced by boutique companies to provide a distinctive look for your home or business property’s exterior or interior. The beauty of the designs will elevate your property’s singular appeal as well as its market value.

Furthermore, you can paint wrought iron in a color of your choice to reflect your style, personality, and taste. Wrought iron need not all be black. The ability to change the finish and tone of your wrought iron fixtures also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Reinforcing the Structure of Your Property

Whether you need the strength of iron to support a carport or provide impenetrable high fences, forged iron (and its cousin, steel) have been a stalwart for the construction of architectural elements for millennia. Wrought ironworks are solid and sturdy, making them ideal for reinforcing weak or damaged aspects of your property.

Wrought iron will firmly hold up to most forces and serves as protection against falls when you use it for balconies, deck railings, and stairway balusters. Very little other than forces of nature or mighty machines can disrupt the structures of well-built iron features such as gates, doors, fences, or window frames.

In addition to ironwork, our pros at MJ Iron Works also work with building and renovation contractors to install structural supports of steel if you are building a new construction or putting additions onto your buildings and want steel framing.

Improving the Security of Your Home or Business

Security is an essential concern for many homes and commercial properties. Potential buyers will consider safety and security as basic needs when looking for a property. Installing a wrought iron gate, fence, and window bars are primary ways to improve the security of your property.

A gate or fence made of wrought iron provides a formidable challenge to anyone considering illegal entry. Wrought iron security bars added to doors and windows will repel illegal entry and keep your home, its occupants, and its contents safe from intruders. Iron gates and fences also add an additional barrier around your property to protect it from drunk drivers.

Why Work with a Professional Wrought Iron Expert?

Hire professional ironworkers and welders to design, fabricate, and install wrought iron fixtures on your property to increase its value or worth while also adding beauty, strength, and security.

Wrought iron fixtures come in varied sizes, styles, finishes, and durability for prolonged use.

Exterior iron features like fences, gates, or doors can match your existing style or set the tone for your home’s new exterior look.

Our professionals at MJ Iron Works in Chicago are highly trained and experienced in custom design, fabrication, and installation of wrought iron fixtures for both residential homes and commercial establishments—from retail stores and restaurants to manufacturing plants and high-rise office buildings.

Our knowledgeable, skilled welders at MJ Iron Works are also certified, licensed, bonded, and insured as they work with wrought iron fabrication and installation.

At MJ Iron Works, our professional welders also love what they do—they are passionate about welding and fabricating wrought iron into functional and decorative pieces. Ongoing training keeps our pros abreast of the emerging trends in the industry and better able to meet the changing needs of property owners.

Install a Wrought Iron Fixture on Your Residential or Commercial Property

Incorporating wrought iron into your architecture will change the value of your residential or commercial property. Whether you opt for a custom-made decorative wrought iron gate, staircase baluster railings, or a high iron security fence, your choice of wrought iron will enhance your property and add beauty, structure, security, and value.

Contact our MJ Iron Works team in Chicago at (773) 447-5612 to discuss ways to incorporate wrought iron and other metals into your home’s construction or remodeling project. We are happy to provide free estimates.

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