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Is Iron Railing in Style?

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Wrought iron is one of the most traditional materials used for fencing, railing, porches, etc. It is both classic and elegant, acting as a statement piece while blending with other decors. However, many people may question whether iron railings are still in style or if it's best to invest in different materials for new railing.

The simple answer is that, yes, iron railing is still fashionable if you know how to style it correctly. Below, our professionals at MJ Iron Works present the following guide on the benefits of investing in iron railing and how to style it.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Iron Railing

Here are the top three reasons to consider including iron railing in your next home improvement projects.

Versatility of Design

Iron railing is adaptable to any decor and aesthetic preference. Whether you want to invest in something that appears sleek and modern or elegant and historic, iron railing can deliver the results you want. In addition, iron is a malleable material, meaning that designers (such as the experts at MJ Iron Works) can easily bend the material into whatever patterns you want.

For home or business owners that wish to incorporate a more classic railing into their decor, you should consider adding wood accents to emphasize the beauty of the iron. For those property owners who need a more modern solution, you can easily paint your new iron railings to match your decor. Alternatively, you could request a more simplistic design focusing on a single detail as an accent.

Increased Security

Iron railings can increase security within your home or business. For example, if you are a homeowner who needs to find a solution to keep your children and pets safe, wrought iron railings can prevent them from escaping or falling from your top floor or balcony. For an even more secure solution, you can add glass paneling to ensure there are no gaps in your iron railing.

Iron railings are an excellent solution for businesses looking to add safety to their staircases or upper floors. Not only can these railings boost the appearance of your business, but they can also prevent safety hazards caused by the lack of a barrier. Iron railings also offer added stability to elderly customers or anyone with a disability, making your business more accessible.


Iron is a metal that lasts for centuries. We can see this fact with structures such as the Eiffel tower, which has stood for well over 100 years. In addition, iron railings can withstand several individuals' weight at a time, meaning that you won't have to worry about your railing failing due to a heavy impact or high usage.

Furthermore, with the proper treatment, iron can withstand rust and other degradation over time. So, you can trust your iron railings to last for years to come, whether you install them inside or outdoors.

Benefits of Iron Railing

Installing iron railings in your home or business comes with many benefits, including:

  • Added property value: If you have begun to work on a home design project to raise property value, iron railing is a great addition. Iron railings are a simple detail that adds aesthetic appeal to properties, increasing property value for a fraction of the cost.
  • Easy installation: Iron railings are easy to install. As such, you can save money on labor costs and time on your business or home improvement project.
  • Longevity: Iron is a highly durable material that won't need updating for many years.
  • Artistic aesthetics: With the correct production and design, iron railings can truly look like a piece of art. It is possible to bend iron into many designs, including ornate and vintage, modern and geometric, or minimalist.

How to Customize Iron Railings

We recommend the following styles of iron for railings:

  • Vintage: Vintage iron railing designs are ornate and include elements such as swirls, florals, and shells. A vintage design is an elegant and classic addition to any property.
  • Modern: Modern designs range from geometric to minimalist. These railings do not often include organic shapes like vintage designs.

Looking for Expert Iron Railing Installation Services in Chicago, IL?

If you are ready to invest in iron railings for your home or business, contact our team at MJ Iron Works. We are Chicago's leading iron works company and specialize in creating many structures from iron, including railings, staircases, structural supports, and more. We put creativity, quality, and affordability at the forefront of all our business practices.

Our MJ Iron Works team has specialized in iron design and manufacturing for 15 years. As a result, we guarantee the same safety and aesthetic quality with our new projects as the hundreds we have already completed throughout the Chicago area.

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