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Is Wrought Iron The Future Of Interior Decor?

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Trends come and go, especially with home décor, but certain materials will always elevate a property. Wrought iron is one of those materials that increase property value due to its durability and sleek style. While many types of metal get used in interior décor, wrought iron is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. It may just become the future of interior décor.

Wrought Iron vs Cast Iron

A common alternative to wrought iron is cast iron. One significant difference is that wrought iron contains less carbon – around 0.8% - while cast iron contains about 2 to 4%. That means that welding wrought iron is easier than cast iron, resulting in the ability to create more intricate designs. On top of that, wrought iron is stronger than cast iron, making it better for stable home furnishings.

What is Wrought Iron Used For?

In terms of décor, wrought iron is used for lots of things. Here are some ideas for a home’s interior:

Tables and Chairs

Wrought iron makes excellent tables and chairs. The dark metal appearance is classic, creating a sitting area that never grows old.


Another way to use wrought iron inside the home is for your railings. With an intricate, beautiful design made out of this metal, you can enjoy a unique and timeless look for your staircase.

Light Fittings

Wrought iron can be the material of choice for light fittings, too. With this metal, you can choose a variety of detailed patterns, which instantly elevates a single room. While wrought iron can be used for these types of décor, so can other materials. You might wonder, then, what makes it stand out from the crowd? Why might it become the future of interior design? The following are just a handle of reasons.

It’s Easily Installed

The installation is pretty simple once the iron works create the wrought iron design. You can have a metal rail at the side of your stairs in no time. It is beneficial for homes that want a quick renovation without substituting high-quality materials and designs.

It is Secure and Durable

Much like steel, wrought iron is a durable metal that doesn’t bend even under a lot of pressure. In a home that wants better home security, as well as virtually unbreakable railings, furniture, and decorations, it’s an excellent option.

It Looks Great

Whether you use wrought iron for fencing, furniture, or decoration, there is no denying that it looks great. The classic, sleek look complements many décor styles, from rustic to modern, meaning it has a place in more homes than the average material. You could have a Chicago bungalow or a swanky New York flat and still enjoy beautiful furnishings made from wrought iron.

Wrought iron is strong, easy to install, and beautifully timeless. Many homeowners are using this material to design their perfect living rooms, kitchens, stairwells, and more. Due to this, wrought iron may be the future of interior décor for a long time.

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