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Mezzanine: Different Types, Uses, and Installation

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The mezzanine is gaining in popularity as a way to add more living or storage space without taking up too much square footage. But what exactly is a mezzanine, and how do you know if one would work in your home?

What is a Mezzanine?

Mezzanines are used to add extra floor space to existing buildings. This can be done by adding more tiers or levels to the structure of your building, which will increase your usable space and make it easier for you to do business.

A mezzanine may be open from all sides or enclosed by walls on some sides. The common term for this type of construction is “stacking” or “lofting” in architecture terminology – because the upper level looks like it is “stacked” on top of the first floor.

You can also use mezzanines to create a multi-level warehouse facility with both ground floor and elevated storage areas within an enclosed structure.

What are Mezzanines used for?

Mezzanines are multi-purpose structures that can be used for a number of purposes. They are often used to create storage space, office space, and even living quarters.

Mezzanines can be installed in both commercial and residential buildings to create additional storage space or office areas that would otherwise not be possible with the existing footprint of your building.

They can also be used as supplemental sleeping quarters for guests if you have limited space in your home or plan on having frequent guests who will need accommodations while staying with you.

They’re also beneficial in garages because they provide different levels from which you can store items like bikes or lawn equipment, as well as having room for other automotive maintenance tasks like wash racks or tire changing stations.

Installation Options for Mezzanines

Mezzanines can be installed in a number of different ways depending on the type of materials and size of the project you are undertaking. At MJ Iron Works of Chicago, we focus primarily on welded mezzanine options that can be installed piece by piece to ensure all rules, regulations, and safety guidelines are correctly addressed without sacrificing any quality or aesthetic appearance.

What Types of Mezzanines are Available?

There are a number of options for designing and creating mezzanines in your space. Some of these include:

  • Enclosed Mezzanines are the most common and cost-effective, as they don’t require additional access points.
  • Open Mezzanines – offer better visibility and air circulation than enclosed ones, but they still come with a few disadvantages that make them less popular in some industries.
  • Walk-Through Mezzanines – are designed for easy access between two building levels without having to use ladders or stairs.

Finding the Right Mezzanine for Your Location

Mezzanines are a great way to add floor space to your home or business. They can be used for storage, office space, retail space, and a variety of other purposes.

You can use this information to determine which type of mezzanine will best meet your needs, whether it’s for personal or commercial use. Once you know what type of mezzanine you want, you can get started planning out the design and ordering materials for installation.

If you’re thinking about adding a mezzanine at home or in your workplace, consider getting in touch with our experts today! We’ll help ensure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish. At MJ Iron Works, we have years of experience crafting customized solutions for clients all over the greater Chicago area. So reach out today and let us build something new just for you!

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