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What are the Most Popular Wrought Iron Designs for Railings and Fences?

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If you have been looking for ways to add character to your home, we can help! Wrought iron railings and fences add elegance to your home. They're perfect for framing doors and windows or creating an elegant enclosure around your pool or patio. They are often used as an accent piece in rooms with modern décor.

Adding wrought irons to your business is equally as important. These create safe and secure railings and fences you can rely upon to support the movement of your team and restrict access to certain areas by sectioning off parts of your buildings. Here are some of the more popular design features our customer's request.

The Benefits of Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is a versatile material used for railings, fences, and gates. The benefits of wrought iron include:

  • Durability - Wrought iron is incredibly durable, which makes it ideal for areas where you'll need to protect your railing from harsh elements like weather or extreme temperatures.
  • Easy Maintenance - You don’t have to worry about replacing the parts on your wrought-iron railing as often as you would with other materials because they are well made.
  • Low Maintenance - Since wrought iron doesn't rust like steel (another popular metal used in outdoor structures), fewer chemicals are involved when applying paints or other coatings onto these products, which means less time spent maintaining them throughout their lifetimes.
  • Optimal Strength - Wrought iron is highly fixable. You do not have to worry about bending or people trying to break through railings built with this material.

Most Popular Designs

Traditional Designs - Nature Inspired

Many clients enjoy the look and feel of fences and railings that include natural elements like flowers, leaves, or ivy. These more traditional designs have added ornamentation on top of the simple eloquence of vertical bars compared to the more modern horizontal bars that tend to be more minimalistic.

Sleek Modern Designs

Sleek modern designs are clean, simple, and elegant. Property owners can use wrought iron railings in homes that want a modern look and feel. They also go well with contemporary landscaping and contemporary architecture. Sleek modern designs are suitable for furniture made of metal or glass, such as tables and chairs. You can find wrought iron in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal designs.

Industrial Designs

As a leading provider of wrought iron fencing and railings, we frequently receive requests from commercial enterprises that require specific industrial needs. The request can range from outfitting a loading bay for a food delivery company or securing a floating platform in a transportation and logistics business. Our design team is happy to accommodate most needs related to standards and regulations of an industry-specific order.

Abstract Curves & Geometric Designs

If you want a more modern and contemporary look, geometric designs may be the right choice for your railing. These designs are not as popular as other styles, but they can still use them on any fence or railing. The best part is that they offer much versatility in visual design. For example, if you want something more artistic than functional, this style will allow you to create a beautiful outcome.

Completely Customized Looks

When it comes to creating a custom look, wrought iron is perfect. It can be used in various ways, making it great for making a unique statement. For example, you could use wrought iron to create a distinctive design that will make your home stand out from others in the neighborhood. Many of our clients with flower beds, small gardens, and family plots prefer a more customized design solution.

Finding the Right Solution for Your Home & Business

Wrought iron is a durable, beautiful, malleable material that can be shaped into many forms. Wrought Iron is commonly used to create railings, fences, gates, furniture, and sculptures. Wrought iron provides an elegant look for any home or business.

At MJ Iron Works, we provide wrought iron fence designs in traditional or modern styles to suit your home's look. In addition, using wrought iron railings on a deck or porch can create an elegant entranceway into your home while providing safety from falls down stairs or steps.

Whether you have a modern home or one that reflects your love of nature, there's an option for you. With the variety of wrought iron designs available, you can find something to suit your needs and style. There are many different selections if looking for a fence or railing that stands out. You can learn more about what we provide by contacting our expert and professional sales team today!

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