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Unconventional Ways to Add Iron Accents to Your Property

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Iron is one of the most beautiful elements to enhance your home’s look and function. It can improve many features of your home, including some that may seem overlooked by conventional designers.

Being creative with iron accents is a great way to draw visitors' eyes and integrate details in the curb appeal of your residence with features other homes in the area may have never considered. Here are some of the unique methods of using iron accents on your property:

1 - Light Fixtures

From the front door to the garage, lighting is an integral part of any property. Iron lights add character, safety, and security to your home and garden. They also add aesthetics, value, and drama, as well as elegance and a sense of luxury. If you love the idea of vintage fixtures but can’t afford to buy them or they wouldn’t fit in with your décor, then look no further than making your own.

2 - Handles

Handles are a great way to add iron accents to your property. They can help you add a rustic feel, which is perfect if you want the look of an old barn or farmhouse. Iron handles also add safety and security to any property, so they can be used in places where people may need extra support, such as staircases or doorways that aren’t wide enough for easy passage without bumping into each other. Handles are also aesthetically pleasing—they allow homeowners and renters alike to show off their style and tastes.

3 - Tables & Chairs

If you want to add some cool accents to your property that aren't too obvious but still show off your style, consider getting an iron table or furniture with iron legs and accents. This blends many different elements together into a central piece perfect for a great room, dining area, or living room. Even a home office can be enhanced by using iron accents around the desk legs or shelves for your books, monitors, and devices.

4 - Stair Cases

Staircases are a great way to add iron accents to your property. They can be used as a single piece of art, or they can become the focal point in an otherwise plain room. You may even find that you prefer their look over traditional artwork.

If you're looking for a way to spice up your staircase, try using some metal accents in the form of small mirrors or other objects that reflect light around your home. This will help make it appear more welcoming and inviting when visitors come over and may make your space feel bigger.

5 - Mailbox

Mailboxes are a great place to add metal accents. They signal to the rest of your neighborhood your attention to detail and love of personalization for your home. They can also be used to reinforce your mailbox if you live in areas with frequent storms or if the box has to be close to the road.

6 - Garden Patio

The patio is an outdoor living space where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a place to entertain guests as well as a place to grow vegetables and herbs. The patio can also be used for barbecuing and other outdoor activities. With all of those numerous activities, you can easily integrate iron accents into your sitting area, garden framing, or even BBQ stand and furniture. Think about how beautiful a fire pit would look with an iron surround.

7 - Arbors & Trellis

Arbors and trellises can be used to add climbing plants, create a privacy wall, or provide a visual accent. They come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and materials. Arbors are a type of trellis that is designed to support climbing plants. Including iron adds longevity to these backyard garden staples that will show up incredibly well for family photos or even if you host a wedding on your property.

8 - Fences & Gates

Iron fences and gates can be made to look like any other material. If you want a gate that looks like wood, it's easy to find an iron gate with a wooden top. If you'd rather have something that appears more naturalistic, try for a wrought-iron pattern of vines or leaves winding around your fence. It's also possible to buy iron fencing panels with stone patterns on them.

9 - Railings

Railings are one of the most critical aspects of your property. A railing can be used to add safety and security to your property, or it can be used to enhance the aesthetics and character of your space. Railings can also add a sense of elegance or opulence to a space.

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Iron accents add safety, security, aesthetic appeal, and character to your property. They also add value. Whether you're looking for a way to make your home more secure or simply want to upgrade the look of your property with exciting pieces of art made from metal, iron accents are something that can help.

The best way to find out which iron accents are suitable for your property is to consult with a team of expert designers and craft workers. At MJ Iron Works, we have provided businesses and residential properties with stunning iron accents for all kinds of applications. Reach out today, and let’s discuss how our design team can elevate your property with unique iron accents.

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