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Certified Welders

Certified Welders







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With over 15 years of experience in building great fences we can assure you that a new fence will improve your home curb appeal.

Types of Materials for Fences and Gates:

  • Wrought iron gate
  • Wood and steel combination
  • Chain link fence


Fencing is not simply a way to separate your property from your neighbors, fencing is an incredible way to beautify and enhance the appeal of your property—residential or commercial. A gorgeous wrought iron or metal fence is not only secure and durable, but classy and timeless in its simplicity.

Why install wrought iron fencing

Our clients install wrought iron and metal fencing for various reasons. Some, purely for security and peace of mind. Others, simply for aesthetic and decorative purposes. The incredible thing about metal fencing is it’s sheer versatility. In most applications, a metal fence provides both unmatched security and a boost to the visual appeal of the property—and often its value!

Iron fencing in Chicago

For over 15 years, MJ Iron Works has proudly served Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with superior quality iron fencing and metal fencing. We’ve built our stellar reputation on quality craftsmanship, and a voracious dedication to our client.

Residential iron fencing

Your home is your castle. What’s a castle without a beautiful and secure perimeter? If you’re tired of weak fencing that needs near constant maintenance, it’s time to consider metal or iron fencing. An MJ Iron Works fence is built solid, and built right.

Security fencing

While we love Chicago for all of the incredible things it has to offer—we’re well aware of its reputation. You’ve worked long and hard for what you have and you want the peace of mind of knowing that your business, home, and family are safe and sound. A metal security fence is both stable and secure, and wholly capable of keeping unwanted intruders out—but it’s also a wonderful deterrent. If you are looking for that extra layer of protection, consider MJ Iron Works security fencing in Chicago.

Fences we recently completed!

Custom iron and metal works

If you’re browsing our website, and haven’t quite found what you’re looking for CONTACT US! We love talking about iron and metal work, and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction. Whatever your needs - we’re here to help!
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